Ken and Linda
We have been camping at Bremen Woods Resort for 7 wonderful years. We certainly love our home away from home.  Every weekend is like a mini vacation for us. We enjoy all the wildlife we see: Deer, Otters Turkeys, Grouse, Eagles and Birds, Loons, etc.. Jeff and Linda (the owners) are very pleasant to be around.  The staff is very helpful and pleasant also.
 We love how each site has privacy and each night has its beautiful sunset with
a million stars in the sky.We enjoy 4-wheeling and there are a lot of trails to 4-wheel from Bremen Woods. It’s a great place to get away to, there’s nothing like being in the woods!
Brad and Carol

My husband and I decided to become seasonal campers after a number of years spent driving around to different campgrounds. We didn’t want a campground where there were activities planned every weekend. We didn’t want to be told what we could and couldn’t do. We didn’t want to be lined up like soldiers – row after row of campers spaced 8 feet a apart in a former corn field. We wanted space, plenty of room, and peace and quiet for us to do what we wanted.

We are now in our third year here, and still can’t believe we actually found a campground like this. We consider ourselves so lucky! The peace and quiet is still here, the wildlife – amazing! We have meet a number of our fellow campers and have a wonderful time every weekend up here. There are ATV trails very close by, numerous lakes to go fishing, and only 50 miles from Duluth. I would highly recommend this campground to anyone that is looking for a place that offers peace and quiet, but also camaraderie, large wooded sites, and owners who are absolutely amazing!

Warren and Gloria

We bought a camper about 6 years ago thinking we should be able to find a good campground not terribly far from home.  After looking at many RV sites we became discouraged because the sites were so close together, not much privacy at all.  We decided to put our camper up for sale knowing that we had tried our best to find a good spot to camp.  Than an acquaintance of ours told us about Bremen Woods.  Actually we were somewhat shocked at seeing this beautiful campgrounds, so spacious, well maintained, clean.  The owners and camp managers are easy to work with, nice people who want to please and be of help in any way they can.  We are glad we didn’t go through with selling our camper.

Come and visit this campground and see for yourselves.  You won’t be disappointed.

J & J and our 4 legged daughter

We came to Bremen Woods Resort when it was only a year old, to try seasonal camping.  This is our 7th season – so I’d say it is what we like!  We like the location, the great drive through site we have, and a nice roomy yard with plenty of room for our family barbeques.  It’s quiet, peaceful, and a clean campground.  The other campers always say “hi, how are you and how was your winter, etc.”  Everyone including owners, managers, and maintenance are friendly and always help if you need it.  We like the idea that grocery and hardware stores are close (12-18 miles.)  We love our summer home!!!

1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. My wife and I have been here at Bremen Woods since fall of 2007, we were new to the camping experience, when we took our tour we could not believe how big and private the lots were, and all of hiking trials, that we could use with our golf cart.

    The Owners and Managers made us feel welcome, we knew that we had made the right choice. All of our camping neighbors are fantastic and always have time to say Hi, but at the same time respecting your privacy.

    The campground is very well maintained, and the owners Jeff and Linda make sure things are ready to go and in good shape—and always take time to make sure your experience is a positive one

    My wife and I loved our time here so much we decided to move up here to a rental home that Jeff and Linda had and make this our final home–I now have the best of 2 worlds a camper on a large private lot over looking the lake and a private home in the woods. We have a saying that is soooooo true “LIFE IS GOOD IN THE WOODS”

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